10 Valentine’s Day Ideas to Enhance Your Home

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to do something thoughtful for that special someone, but here are a few ideas:

Acquire a Piece of Fine Art

We know fine art is not within everyone’s budget, but an original one of a kind piece from an upcoming artist is  a unique gift as well. Choose something that represents real meaning to the recipient. This could be the first flower they received from you, or perhaps a scene depicting a special place you have been together (a beach, vineyard, mountain region, etc.)


Choose a gorgeous new vase, and have your interior designer arrange something special to bring color and life to your room. If you prefer something natural, you can gift your loved one with a subscription to a flower of the month club.

Custom arrangement by: Jann Wisdom Designs

New Bedding

A gift card to be used towards custom bedding (starting around $1,500) or a ready-made set in spa-like tones, will make a most luxurious gift. Make sure to include coordinating sheets with a 2-ply fabric, and at least an 800-thread count.


(Bedding pictured can be purchased ready-made through Wisdom-Frost Interiors)


An Interesting New Throw Rug

A little bored with your living room? A fun throw rug can add some pizazz to your space, and will make an out of the ordinary gift for any occasion. A zebra print or metallic cowhide rug is a fun option…


A Master Bath Makeover

Adding new monogrammed towels, and bath rugs can instantly refresh a tired master bath. Make sure to spring for the bath sheet, which will envelope your body in soft luxury! Also, adding personalized spa robes, and a new vanity set with put the finishing touch on this transformative sentiment.

Picture Frames

A bejeweled frame encasing a special photo of you and your significant other is always a loving gesture. This also makes a great gift to mom and dad!


(Olivia Riegel, Italian frames can be purchased at Wisdom+Frost Interiors)



Statement Candle Lighting

A large statement candle holder with your sweethearts favorite scent is always a good way to go!

(Natural Selenite candle holder)


Boxes of Baubles

An elegant jewelry box with (or without), a new piece of bling to show off is always a way to win her heart!

(Olivia Riegel heart box also found at Wisdom+Frost Interiors)


Eau de Parfume

What lady doesn’t love perfume? A glistening crystal perfume bottle is always the perfect accessory to grace her vanity or bedside.


(Dichroic glass perfume bottles can be special ordered through Wisdom+Frost Interiors)


“The Man Chair”

Looking for something ultra special for him? We all know how important a man’s chair is to him at the end of a long day. Let us help you scout out the perfect chair tailored to his tastes, the style of your space, but most importantly his size (and we all know how much men love recliners).


(Who would ever think this is a recliner?)

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