4 Ways To Use The Color Of The Year

Sherwin Williams has declared their 2017 paint color of the year as “poised taupe”. It is a mix of earthen brown and conservative gray.  We think it is a great neutral color and we are going to give you 4 ways you can use this color.

Contrast With White

Poised taupe and white are definitely meant to go together. Having white as an accent color is a great way to contrast poised taupe and keep things bright.


Pairs Well With Traditional Hardwoods

As you can see from the previous picture black and dark colors do go well with poised taupe, but the color also really pops with classic brown hardwood floors and coordinating accents.


Use It On The Cabinets

If you decided to go with white walls poised toupe looks amazing on traditional cabinets with gold accents.


Go a Little Rustic

Poised taupe can be used in a very  traditional atmosphere or it can be used in a contemporary space.

With its slightly brown hues going a little rustic, and incorporating dark grey on accents such as lighting and mirror frames, will really make the whole room pop in a unique way.


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