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5 Ways to Bring a Lively Summer Vibe Into Your Home

Bright Textures and Patterns

If you feel like you don’t have anything exciting to wake up to in your bedroom, think again. Summer colors can help you learn that your interiors shouldn’t be bland and colorful bedding; accent rugs, window treatments and accent pillows can enliven your sleeping experience. Start off with a dynamic accent color on your bed wall that will help set the tone as the focal point of your summer escape inspired bedroom. Don’t be afraid to bring fresh flowers by your bedside, add framed summer vacation photos above your bed and use lamps and bedside table decor to pull your bedroom together. Don’t like a lot of color? Instead, try using crisp whites and neutral colors for your bedding and then add a pop of color with a throw blanket at the base of your bed. It will add just enough summer color to enliven your mood in the morning and send you to bed with a smile every night.

Nautical accents

Nautical design was once very popular but then it faded away. Its now making an updated come back with Nautical accents. A striped blue and white pattern can provide a touch of nautical home design when used in any room setting. Choose striped textiles for a window treatment, a rug, wall covering or in your furniture accessories. Other colors should be restricted, but a red rug or decorative item will look attractive when placed next to nautical white and blue stripes.

Mixed Tiles

A bathroom trend that has been catching on lately is mixing and matching colorful accent tiles. This is a fresh and playful way of adding color and texture to your bathroom.

Take the indoors out.

Taking a typical indoor style of furniture and combining it with outdoor fabric is a more inviting way of decorating your outdoor space. It has the same feel and comfort of an indoor space that you can’t capture with metal or wood woven outdoor furniture.


Brass finishes have been making a comeback in recent years, cherished for their ability to bring shiny golden tones to a space without the high price tag. But more recently, designers have been turning away from the reflective finish of polished brass and embracing satin or brushed brass, which is more muted and warm.

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