7 Quick and Easy Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

If you’re feeling the pinch but are longing for an interiors overhaul, there’s often a simple style solution that will transform any room. All you need is a touch of creative flair and some basic DIY skills, and you’ll be amazed at the difference you can make.


Jazz up the back of your shelves
A block of color is great for bringing a pale living room up to date, and these stormy grey alcoves set off the white shelving beautifully. An inky blue or bottle green would look striking, too.

This trick works best on shelves displaying ornaments or framed photos, as books can obscure the wall behind. Books would work, however, if your shelves are widely spaced.


Create a picture gallery
If you have a bare wall crying out for some adornment, a mini gallery is a fabulous way to create a fresh way to display your framed artwork or photographs.

Mix and match frame colors, but stay within a thematic color scheme. Perhaps hang photographs clustered with a few small art pieces within the same color story.


Embrace upcycling
Trawl junk shops for items you can transform into useful pieces for your home. Antique trunks for example provide for excellent storage, yet give off an heir of nostalgia.

An antique Louis Vuitton trunk for example with an added glass top makes the perfect table! In the warmer seasons you can store all your throw blankets, and it also provides an excellent conversation piece. If Louis Vuitton is not in your budget, look for an antique steamer trunk on ebay.

You’ll be surprised at how well these work within any home style, and how it gives a hint of vintage to a more modern scheme.


Display your kitchenware on open shelving
A display of sparkling clear or colored glassware or beautiful ceramics can add interest and personality to a neutral kitchen. Opt for open shelving instead of wall cupboards, as here, or, if you already have wall cupboards you’re keen to keep, add shelves in empty spaces; even short shelves can hold enough pieces to lift your kitchen out of the ordinary.

Go for wooden shelving painted the same color as the walls, or use bare scaffolding planks for an urban twist. You can also add hooks underneath the bottom shelf from which to hang your favorite mugs. But stick to your stand-out pieces and stash your chipped crockery out of sight!


Get your lighting right
Never underestimate the power of good lighting. A single, dim, overhead bulb will dull down even the most beautiful living room. Opt for soft lighting from different sources around the room and avoid too many harsh spotlights (unless they’re on a dimmer switch).

Pick out some table lamps with different bases and shades to dot around and put a floor lamp near your favorite armchair. Illuminating the dark corners of your room will make the space appear bigger. Picture lights are also a great way of adding warmth to a room while highlighting your favorite artworks.


Dress the bed
Sometimes all a bedroom needs is some simple dressing to bring it up to date. Crisp cotton sheets look all the more inviting topped with a stylish mix of blankets and cushions.

Try layering a plain mohair blanket with a two-tone plaid one and then sprinkle on some cushions of varying sizes in geometric prints. Adding a mix of textures and patterns is an inexpensive way to bring something new and exciting to a scheme.

If you don’t have a headboard, you could also buy a couple of very large square cushion pads and custom-make your own covers from your favorite material to prop up at the back.


Give your floor a hug with a rug
Show your floor some love by laying down a bright and beautiful rug. A bold pattern in a duo of colors is particularly striking and will instantly add style any room.

We offer many vendors that carry budget friendly rug options and it’s often cheaper than carpeting a whole room. If you can’t decide on a design or find a rug large enough for your floor space, try buying a couple in contrasting patterns for a more daring look.

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