8 Interior Design Winter Trends

There are so many ways that you can accessorize your home for the winter season. We have come up with our favorites, and this year’s trendy winter design elements. You can pick a theme and stick to one, add bits from your favorites, or take pieces from all of our suggestions. No matter what you do, adding any of these wintery trends will warm up your home and help put you in the most jovial of holiday spirits!

Fresh Florals


Everyone loves having fresh flowers around their home. Just because its winter doesn’t mean you can’t fill your home with the sweet smell of the season!  Having real arrangements on your mantle, for your dining center piece, as a wreath, or as small decorative elements adds authenticity to your winter décor. Try adding bay leaves, juniper, lavender, magnolia, hydrangea, pinecones and evergreen to the arrangement. There are no limits to what fresh plant life you bring in-whatever makes you feel like you have brought the scent of the wintery outside, inside.



Fresh elements aren’t enough to make you feel like winter is inside your home? Trying adding frosted elements, a true winter wonderland!  Simple white frosted vases, candles and even wood accents will give a classic and festive winter design look. Add a bit here and there or make it this year’s theme. We can never get enough of the timeless look.



If timeless isn’t what you were going for with your winter accents and you want to step outside the box, try adding antlers to the mix. Keep them natural and go for a rustic look, or try a more sophisticated spin with a matte white or black. Whether you want to fully embrace it and add antler wall mounts to your home or if you want to keep it small with a few here and there, the antler accents will be a winter show stopper!

Twinkle Lights


Lights are always the most important part of holiday decor. Even if you have lights on a tree, don’t be shy about adding more throughout your home. The small LED sting lights are a great replacement for traditional holiday lights. Try filling clear glasses, mixing them in with your garland, or stringing them on small trees. Lights on or lights off, the twinkle element in your home makes this holiday season warmer and even more magical.



If you are trying to add a classic decorative element  this season, bring a nice cozy plaid print into your home. Try a large print or a small one, either way plaids are a great way to warm up any home. If rustic is how you are decorating this winter, then plaids are must have. Pillows, throws, guest bedding, ottomans, the list goes on and on. It is also a nice and easy way to add a little color and some holiday cheer.



Another way to stay warm this winter is adding fur elements. For all you animal lovers, no one has to use real fur, it’s just the look that we are going for. Furs are a great way to add some texture to your home décor. Again, add fur pillows, throws, or Chrsitmas tree skirt to your home so you and your loved ones can stay extra cozy during those cold winter nights. Another great thing about adding fur is that it is a hot design trend right now and the chic look will stay though the holiday season.



Fur not your style? Then try getting cozy with knits, especially chunky knits. They make great throws with a timeless and truly soft wintery look. Even knit pillows and poufs can make a room feel that much warmer. You can add these elements with stockings, chair covers, or table runners. Get creative this year and add your own personally croched pieces, or if you don’t have the craft hand there is a knit look out there for all types of winter home owers.

Metallic and Sparkle


This year, it’s okay to stray away from the traditional holiday colors. Replace the old with new by adding shiny metallic elements. Go for gold, silver, copper, rose gold or a healthy mix of them all. Metallic accents in your home gives your décor a chic and sophisticated look. If the metallic look isn’t enough for this glamourous winter, add sequin runners, glitter vases, or sparkle ornaments. This is a fabulous look that will even help you and your party guest ring in the New Year.

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