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9 Décor Tips for a More Sophisticated Look

As seasoned interior designers, we know a thing or two about how to make spaces look great. Here are a few tips to help add an extra hint of oomph to your space without blowing your budget.


Large Canvas Prints

Large colorful abstract prints! A grander scale piece will allow you to adorn your walls with a fun pop of color, and add interest to an otherwise neutral space.

Less is more

Sometimes taking away all the extra things you have out can make your home look more fresh and sleek. Instead of thinking what you could add, try thinking about what you could take away. We like to incorporate art pieces, and other decorative accessories of a larger scale, rather than a bunch of little nick knacks that clutter a space.


Mix old with new.

Instead of hiding passed down antiques in the shed why not try to redo it? A layer of paint or new upholstering can add life back into a dated piece.

Paint the Cabinets

Instead of completely redoing the entire kitchen, maybe all it needs is a fresh coat of paint.

Faux Accents

We all love real fur or feathered accents, but we don’t all love the price. You can find some truly amazing faux pillows, rugs, and throws for your home at a fraction of the price of the real thing.



Mirrors can be a life saver. You can always find a cost affective mirror to add a little class to a room. With the proper placement of a mirror you can make your room feel larger than it actually is.


Go for Brass

If this classic finish works with your design, switching out standard hardware for brass is a great way to add a luxury feeling to a home almost overnight, and depending on the brand you choose, it won’t break the budget.



Simply adding in some accessory lighting can dramatically change the look of your home. Many homes we walk into have very simple builder grade lighting. Changing out the standard fixtures for something more tailored to your taste, gives a more customized look to a not so custom built home.


Elegant Fabrics

An elegant statement fabric can make a room! Whether you have a taste for florals or an elegant jacquard, there is a that perfect fabric out there that will bring any cherished antique piece back to life!

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