How To Make Your Home Feel More Spacious


Less Is More.

Decluttering your home and removing unnecessary accessories will instantly give your room more visual space. Rearranging your furniture for symmetry and flow will also open up your home.

Clear Pieces

A see-through desk or cocktail table is not only chic and glamorous, but it gives the illusion of more space.

Let In The Light

Instead of covering up those higher windows with drapes, try removing them, It will not only add light to your room but it gives an area more viewing space giving the allusion of a larger room.


Another great way to give the illusion of more viewing space is by adding oversized wall mirrors to your room.

Think Horizontal

Adding horizontal lines to the room with floor boards and siding will give the illusion of a longer room.

Light Colors

Repainting a room with a neutral or bright color like off white is another fantastic way to make a room feel open and light.

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