how to have the perfect guest room

How To Have The Perfect Guest Room

You want to give your guests that visit you the best experience possible. We have a few tips to make sure you give your next house guests a 5 star experience.

Cozy room colors

Sticking to simple spa-like colors, and giving off an airy feeling can provide your guests with the most relaxing stay. Keeping the lighting warm and dimly-lit will aid them in relaxation as well.

Hooks and hangers

Be sure to have plenty of places for your guests to hang their personal belongings. It’s also a good idea to have a luggage stand, if you don’t have enough space in their closets for suitcases. This way they can stay clutter-free during their stay!

Have your nightstand ready

Be sure to have your nightstand outfitted with all the necessities like an alarm clock, a lamp, a bowl for watches and earrings and having a few things to read never hurts. Choose light scents for candles, or bring in a little nature with a potted succulent plant or vase of freshly cut flowers.

Towels and robes

If you really want your guests to feel like they are visiting a five star resort then having nice robes and towels ready is a sure way to impress them. Have them monogrammed with the inital of your last name to go the extra mile in luxury.

Snacks and coffee

Let your guests help themselves, they might be too polite to ask for snacks so have a few laid out in the guest room. Try and choose things you can only get locally, such as a brand of cookie from your favorite bakery. This gives them a little taste of what your area has to offer. If you have room a coffee bar, is the perfect way for your guests to start the day!

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