should you buy furniture online

The Pros and Cons of Purchasing Furniture online vs Through a Designer.

We created a list explaining the pros and cons of buying furniture online vs through an interior designer. This blog is unbiased and either option might work for you depending on what you need and value. Let’s get started!


Online Shopping




Large selection


The best thing about shopping online is the selection available. You can shop from many different companies all within one website, and compare pricing within minutes.




Some stores provide free shipping, but it is becoming less and less common.




You don’t get to see it first.


Sometimes a pictures is not worth 1,000 words. When you shop online for furniture you don’t get to see it first. So be sure to have a tape measure and make sure it will fit in your home as you expect it to because return policies for furniture can be a big headache. There is often a re-stocking fee for returns, and free shipping on returns is not always provided.


It might require assembly.


To reduce shipping costs and low prices manufactures don’t always have the furniture pre-assembled So be ready to get your hands a little dirty and have a weekend available to assemble everything or you could hire help to assemble the furniture for you. Some delivery companies won’t even bring the deliveries inside for you, even if it’s an armoir.


Not a custom piece


While there is a large selection online, the furniture you find is from high volume manufacturers, Yes even the expensive furniture. It is hard to coornidate furnishings without getting an exact idea of color. The photos online are often very different from the way they look in person.



It is very common for furniture pieces to sustain unfortunate dammage while in transit. If you receive an item damaged, it can be difficult to get the manufacturer or delivery carrier to accept responsibilty.



Interior Designer




custom Furniture


When you decided to hire an interior designer, you work together to create something custom tailored to your tastes. Full service interior design firms have the skills and direct access to manufactures that can allow you to create a completely custom designed space.


insider pricing


Interior designers have access to what’s known as “To The Trade” pricing. This means an interior designer can get a lower price on that amazing designer piece you have always wanted. This also allows them to give their clientelle a better price, and provide a clients’ design service unique to their taste and needs.


unique furniture


Interior designers have exclusive access to furniture that you cannot find just anywhere, not even online. So, if you want something truly unique you might want to call your local interior designer.


delivery and service


Interior designers have access to the best delivery companies in your local area. They will also manage the entire process for you and if any assembly is required you don’t have to worry about that either. You are only responsible for directly paying the installers. The designer makes sure everything is properly placed within your space, and typically does not charge to accompany them on your install. Designers also use a receiving warehouse to receive items, inspect for damage, and then delivery is arranged after a proper inspection.




Interior designers are about service and creating an experience for you. They are there to guide you through the design process allowing you to create the home of your dreams. Designers also attend markets, so they get a first hand idea of the quality, and craftsmanship of pieces before suggesting them for your space.






Interior designers are trying to find you the best products that fit your budget and style, but it is sometimes  not the cheapest option. Skilled designers are able to give you the look you desire within a reasonable budget. However, they are not bargain shoppers and the client must be realistic about what they hope to achieve within their set budget, if hoping for quality. it is also perfectly acceptable to work in phases, and this is something designers are accustomed to.




When working with designers to make something truly original and unique it might take some time, but if you’re willing to wait it could defiantly be worth it. Full service interior design firms order factory direct. Depending on stock, location, and if the item is a custom order, delivery can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks. Items are not often readily available in bulk, especially when ordering from a higher end vendor.

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